Facts about Highbury

Located in the back garden of an 18th century British colonial house named 'Highbury'. Highbury Colombo was named after this original name of the property.

Highbury Colombo is an architect designed house built in the year 2000 using the space the horse stable of the colonial house was located. The original lateritic rock cubes found in the foundation of the horse stables were used as cladding on some walls of Highbury. The Burma teak pillar at the entrance of the main building of Highbury is reused. It originally was the pillar adorning the entrance of the horse keeper's quarters.

The original colonial house was located on one acre of land which originally belonged to Martin (lawyer) and May Fernando was divided among two sons Derrick and Nihal Fernando. Derrick was a geneticist who was responsible in breeding the most popular Rubber plant clones planted in Sri Lanka and Nihal became an infamous wildlife and nature photographer in Sri Lanka and his studio 'the Studio Times' is now located in his half of the property. Derrick's property is now converted to Highbury Colombo.

Architect : Mr. Susil Lamahewa

Contractor : Mr. W. Somawansa

Interior and garden design is by the family members.

Highbury supports Sustainable Tourism and Development. The facility is completely run using renewable energy (solar power) which also power transport operations to the airport and within Colombo city. Your stay with us will help create a lower carbon foot print of your tour in Sri Lanka.